"Versum" logo

The task was to create a logo for the law office. The specialty of the office is the logistics law, in other words the narrow specific area that the founders and owners of this bureau know best. In order to emphasize this, the Latin word "Versum" was chosen, one of its meanings being "direction", "in the direction of". To further link it to the law a symbol of scales which is commonly used in the field of law was chosen, but in a slightly different format and concept than most of the symbols in this sphere. This symbol of scales is different - a sign of Libra was used for this purpose. The slogan "Under the Mark of Law" was naturally born from it; the Lithuanian version is no used because of its length, but in translation it sounds "under the sign of law" - the sign as a person, who was born as if under the sign of Libra and naturally has unique abilities suitable for this activity. Web page: versum.lt

Tags: #Blue, #2011