"BTV" logo (2011 m. - 2014m.) rebrand

The task was to update the logo of "Baltijos televizija" TV channel used before 2011, giving it a more modern look. The version used prior to 2011 was already the second update of the first original logo, which transformed the original first logo symbol - the Baltic six-pointed star, giving it the symbolicity of the lens diaphragm. Тhis third update focused on searching for volume and plastic, the logo has acquired a shape of three-dimensional object, color transitions have emerged, and the orientation of logo “leaves” has changed - in this version they look like an exploding flower, as if embracing the white sparkling sphere. This version of the logo was used for three years, when upon the change of channel owners in 2014 it has been replaced by a three-letter abbreviation (BTV), and the latter is used up to now. 

Tags: #Blue, #Rebrand, #2011