"Eurokos" rebrand

The task was to redesign the logo of largest cosmetics and perfumery trade network in Lithuania. The new sign abandons the stylized flower ring symbol and focuses on the expression of the compound word Eurokos (Euro Cosmetics) itself. The color of the same color range was chosen, but much darker than the old one. The letter K of the word K (cosmetics) was chosen for the graphic expression, preserving the modification of the letter K used in the previous mark, adding additional element to it, as a visual accent. Thanks to this small graphic element, the sign becomes centrally composed, seamless, with the original graphic element in the center. The old slogan "You can afford it" has also been revised. The same essence has been left, but the tone and form have been slightly changed.  eurokos.lt

Tags: #Blue, #Rebrand, #2020