Creation of "Bless Sphere" logo

The goal was to create a logo for a unique real estate development project in the Kirov region (Russia). A plot of land next to the Viatka river is a village that is designed to harmoniously reconcile both old renovated buildings and new buildings of special structure. These are ecological dome houses that just like sunflowers turn in the direction of the sun as it travels in the sky; thats why the interior space is always bright and warm. The name Bless Sphere (the English fo Russian Благо сфера), which means a place o sphere of good energy, which is comfortable to stay and live in, was chosen for the logo. The logo symbol contains a dome house and water waves in iconic style, and all this is kind of framed in a circle - a sphere. Blue color is the color of energy, energy vibrations. Web page:

Tags: #Blue, #2016
Creation of "Bless Sphere" logo



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