Logotype: 1899 € +VAT

Logotype usage guidelines (Logobook):

  • Logo, corporate colors, positive-negative, logo space, geometric grid, corporate font
  • Logo files - Ai, EPS, PDF, JPG ir PNG
  • On client request, at an additional cost Logobook can be printed and bounded

Logotype & Style: 3599 € +VAT

A comprehensive guide to visual communication (Brandbook):

  • Logo, corporate colors, positive-negative, logo space, geometric grid, corporate font.
  • Logo files - Ai, EPS, PDF, JPG ir PNG
  • Brand style, templates, working files
  • On client request, at an additional cost Brandbook can be printed and bounded

Brandname: 1499 € +VAT

I can also create brandname:

  • Lately, I’ve been monitoring the increased need for brandname creation. In almost all cases, there is a condition for the subsequent registration of a similar domain (eg ".com" or ".eu", ".lt"), which makes the process quite complicated and time-consuming.
What is the basis of your activity and settlement?

I am engaged in my creative activity on the basis of individual activity, certificate of individual activity of the permanent resident of Lithuania No. 076981 / issued in April 16, 2012. I issuе an invoice for settlements with legal and natural persons.

What about work progress and deadlines?

After the first meeting and clearing all the details, an agreement is signed, which defines all the terms - the subject, the terms and the price. After that, a 2-week period is usually reserved for creation. Within 14 days, I submit the initial suggestions. Typically, there are 3 different strong, motivated versions. In the first review, one logo or idea is usually selected (direction, stylistics, and several options may be selected). In the next step the completion of logo takes place, and in parallel (if a complete package is ordered), the initial corporate style suggestions are being made. This usually takes about a week's time. When the logo is finally selected and approved, it's time to make the entire corporate style guide - it takes about 5-6 days. So the whole process from the first meeting to completion takes about a month. The creation of each logo is a complicated process, so there may be deviations from the term of completion to one side or the other. The longest project took me a month and a half, the shortest project was implemented in a week, so in each case it should be considered, negotiated and planned individually. If you need it very urgently - this, of course, also affects the price.

What can you tell about logo creation process?

The whole process of creating a logo can be divided into three stages: investigation, creative and final. In the beginning, I have to understand precisely and thoroughly what does the customer need and what goals will be achieved, in other words, what kind of logo, expression, style and many other parameters and solutions will be most appropriate. Usually I seek for a live meeting with the client. During the conversation I find out the above-mentioned subjects. In cases where live meeting is not possible, I send a creative logotype task questionnaire to the client, which includes all the questions that are of concern to me. When I have all the information I analyze and systematize it, I look for examples of similar logos, study them, collect information about the competitive environment. I’m always interested in getting acquainted with the client's activities in live, so if there are opportunities I visit clients at their workplaces, their production sites or sales outlets, etc. After that, the creative process follows. The more detailed the investigation stage, the easier is the transition creative process and the search for ideas. I will not further itemize the creative process, because, in fact, it is a bit different in each case, because every logo and its goal is different. During this phase, I will create several versions of logo that reflect different logo ideas. I present these, already turnkey, versions to the client in printed form as well as in files for mobile devices. Some of my colleagues initially coordinate the ideas drawn by hand, while I present a 80-90% turnkey versions made by computer. In the preview versions, I do not completely decide on the color aspect, I present the black and white graphic, or the logos made in any one color. The colors and combinations thereof are usually selected and negotiated with the client in final stage. The final stage begins when one of the presented versions is selected by the client. Then we concentrate on the chosen option and it is "ironed" to the end, to the result that satisfies both me and the client. The colors, fonts, composition, proportions are being selected, and other final works are being completed. The Brand Guidelines or a whole Brandbook is created. All necessary files are prepared and conveniently organized. On request of the client, a real hard cover book is printed for a separate price. However, in our mobile and virtual era a PDF format e-book and all the necessary files are commonly used.

What do you need to know about a customer, his business or product?

The essential questions to get answers to are:


  1. What are your activities, what are your goals?
  2. What services or products do you offer to your customers?
  3. What is the target group?
  4. What is the message of logo for the target group?
  5. What are your main competitors?
  6. How would you like to stand out from your competitors?
  7. Where will the new logo be used most?
  8. What should be the style of communication?

Usually, in answering these questions, there are also more questions that often help not only me but also the customer to better understand the needs.

What if we are not satisfied with any of the proposed logo versions?

The essence of the whole process is a positive attitude, a calm internal state and trust. All my best results have been achieved and are being achieved when customers apply to me because they like what they see in my portfolio. But I can not really guarantee anything - I'm not a guarantee fund or an insurance company. I speak with no reserve - in my practice there have been cases where, after review, none of the versions was approved by the client. To be exact there were three such cases since 2006. I analyze each such case and draw conclusions. I do not exclude the factor of my failure as a creator, because I’m not an atomic clock, which always works with exact and equal rhythm, with a guarantee. On the other hand, all such cases have something in common. I noticed that if clients during the first meeting / contact are more concentrated on "what happens if I fail", they try to find some warranties and put on all kinds of safeguards etc., (instead of talking freely and sharing thoughts about the future logo), such a project is risky right from the start. I have an impression (here is just my personal opinion based on 10 years of active practice observations) that such customers are very afraid. Of course, many have a good reason to do it, they already have negative experience with designers, and so on. However, in such cases, they kind of program themselves, that everything will be bad and nothing will be acceptable. This is often the case.

How many different versions of logo will you present?

This question is asked quite often :) The answer is 3 versions. My attitude is that it is fundamentally both amateurish and disrespect for the client to offer more versions. If you are not in a position to provide a good offer with such number of versions, it will not help at all if you offer 10 or 20. My main goal and mission is to create a good logo, not a number of versions. During many years of practice, there have been instances when I went to the review (after having informed the client and consulted with him) with a single version only for originality and goodness of which I had no doubt. Of course, these are rare cases, but sometimes it happens that a really good idea is coming up, and if it's right for a customer and they like it right away, why not? To sum up, there will surely be at least three different and strong versions for review.

The logo needs to be updated. How much will it cost?

All the logos that I have updated in my practice needed a more or less substantial update. Of course, sometimes it is necessary to simply make it more modern. An example of this is BTV logo update. So the update of the logo is more labor-intensive, time-consuming and experienced process than creating a new one and costs ~ 35% more.

Can you provide initial sketches before starting work?

No. Before making any sketches first I need to know everything that is being made clear during the investigation phase. Making sketches without this knowledge is nothing but blind and futile speculation. I have neither time nor desire for this.

Do you require an advance payment before you start to work?

Yes. I start to work only after we sign a contract with the client and I receive a 35% advance payment.

Do you issue a valid invoice for final payment?

Yes. I issue an invoice for settlements with legal and natural persons. I am not a VAT payer, so I'm not issuing a VAT invoice - just an invoice. I am engaged in my creative activity on the basis of individual activity, certificate of individual activity of the permanent resident of Lithuania No. 076981 , issued in April 16, 2012.

How long does it take to create a logo? Can it be faster?

On average, I take 1-1.5 months. In case of urgency we need to talk and review the price. However, it is definitely better for both me and the client, when it's normally planned and you do not need to do anything rattling through.

We have an sketch, but no computer skills, can you fix it to the end?

I am glad that these issues have become increasingly rare in recent times. No, I do not do such jobs and I do not provide such services.