Dalius Simanavičius
Identity designer
+370 655 26115, dalius@logo4u.lt

Experience. Active practice in the field graphical design from 1996, working for several Lithuanian advertising agencies. Doing everything. Ranging from business card to the concept of publicity campaign. Including creation of advertising texts.

Specialization. Eventually I have discovered the sphere of brands and identity. A comprehension of What, How and Why – gained in the course of time. And also an intrinsic feeling developed over the time while successfully creating brands, which always helps to design a right and strong brand to match the expectations of the customer.

Today. In the end of 2006, having decidedly interrupted the career of chief of design department in advertising agency and given up the constant stress and routine maniac style of work, which is, by the way, common to the most of advertising agencies (especially to major ones), I have chosen the way of freelance designer with definite specialization in the field of brand design. I have discovered the piece of mind, which is a prerequisite to work productively, to schedule my time independently and to create in the manner of my feel without any directives and regulations from above, which often prove to be absurd.

Inspiration. Apple Inc. and those, who founded it – Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. People, who suggested an idea, that might have seemed the most incredible one for that time, three decades ago – an idea of creation of personal computer for individual. While everyone considered them to be loonies and desperate idealists they believed, that this is a tool to change the world. And they made it. Thanks to the clear vision they have achieved their goal in vengeance. Even nowadays Apple continues surprising us with their innovations and products, designed for the user. And their brand has became a kind of cult and fashion. Examples are to inspire others.

Objective. To create an excellent brand for every customer. The one which would produce a huge added value and increase awareness of the products and services of the customer every day. A brand, that would please the sight. That would cause desire to purchase and use the branded goods or services. And that would bring warm feelings every day.

At the beginning of the nineties of last century, during the initial development phase of advertising agencies in Lithuania, that has regained independence, the concept of brand (logo), as a product, was quite simple. The newly designed brand was just to be printed on the sheet, transferred to the floppy and given to the customer. Fast and simple.

However, it was usually quite difficult for such brand to make first steps into the life… Generally the problems were faced at once, when beginning to print business cards, stationeries, envelopes, etc. As this was usually done in different typographies, without having complete description of colours, quite often clarifying colour codes by telephone or fax as the question arises… In most cases the same brand was printed in different colours on different products, without even mentioning the principles of composition, general stylistics, etc.

Visual Communication Guide (Brandbook). In order to avoid problems mentioned in introduction section a Visual Communication Guide (Brandbook) is made for every brand. In simple phrase, it is a brand usage instruction, comprising of two sections: branding guidelines and corporate style guidelines

Intellectual property and registration of brands. Following the creation of new logo it is advised to register it at once. I’m working with private company BRAINERA, which provides services in connection with various aspects of intellectual property registration and protection. Their specialists have years of experience in this field. Having patent solicitor status in Lithuania and in European Community they are able to represent interests of national and foreign applicants as well as of owners while acquiring intellectual property rights in Lithuania, European Community and on international level. www.brainera.lt